A California Non-Profit Corporation

Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 1. Successors
Each successive owner of each unit shall be furnished with a copy of these By-Laws.

Section 2. Amendment or Repeal of By-Laws
These By-Laws and any provisions hereof may be amended or repealed by the vote or written consent of not less than a majority of the votes of members, other than Declarant. Notwithstanding the above, the percentage of a quorum or of the voting power of the Association or of members other than Declarant, necessary to amend a specific clause or provision in the By-Laws shall not be less than the prescribed percentage of affirmative votes required for action to be taken under that clause. Further, if the two-class voting structure is still in effect in the Association, these By-Laws may not be amended without the vote or written assent of fifty-one (51%) of the voting power of each class of members.

Section 3. Property Rights - Rights of Enjoyment
Each member shall be entitled to the use and enjoyment of the Common Area and facilities, as provided in the Declaration. Any member may delegate his rights of enjoyment in the Common Area and facilities to his family, his tenants or contract purchasers who reside on the property. Such member shall notify the Secretary of the Association in writing, of any such delegee, the rights and privileges of such delegee(s) are subject to the suspension to the same extent as those of the member.

Section 4. Right of Entry
Any person authorized by the Board shall have the right to enter each unit in case of any emergency originating on or threatening such unit, whether or not the owner or occupant is present at the time. Every unit owner and occupant when so required, shall permit other unit owners or their representatives to enter his unit at reasonable times for purposes of performing authorized installations, alterations or repairs to common elements therein, provided that requests for such entry are made in advance.

Section 5. Conflicts
If there are any conflicts inconsistencies between the provisions of the Declaration and these By-Laws, the terms and provisions of the Declaration shall control.

Section 4. Applicability
The provisions of these By-Laws are applicable to the project, its operation, occupancy, ownership, maintenance and use and to all present and future owners, members or their families, guests, tenants, employees or licensees and to any other person or persons who may use the project or its facilities in any manner. The acceptance of a deed to any condominium and/or the entering into occupancy or use of any condominium in the project, shall constitute and acceptance and ratification of these By-Laws and Declaration, as either or both may from time to time be amended and/or supplemented.

[This document is informational only - please refer to documents provided to you during escrow]




For URGENT/EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE (Flooding, sewage, roof collapse, etc.)
Contact: Huntington West Properties
@ 1 714 891 1522, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After hours, press the number "4" to be connected to an operator.

DIAL 911 if you have a life threatening situation, need fire, medical or police assistance.

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