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Article XV - Breach

Phase 1, Parcel 1 of Parcel Map No. 79-756
City of Orange, County of Orange
State of California

Article XV

Section 1. Right of Entry
Violation of any of the provisions, covenants, conditions, restriction, easements or reservation contained herein, shall give to Declarant or its successors, or to the Association, the right to enter on the property on or as to which the violation exists and to abate and remove, at the expense of the owner thereof, any thing or condition that may be or exists thereon contrary to the intent and meaning of the provisions of this Declaration. Such entry shall be made only after three (3) days' notice to said owner and with as little inconvenience to said owner as possible. Any damage caused by such entry shall be repaired by the Association. Declarant or its successors shall not thereby be deemed guilty of any manner of trespass by such entry, abatement or removal.

Section 2. Nuisance
The result of every act or omission whereby any provision, covenant, condition, restriction, easement or reservation herein contained is violated, in whole or in part, is hereby declared to be and constitutes, a nuisance, and every remedy allowed at law or in equity against a nuisance, either public or private, shall be applicable against every such result and may be exercised by Declarant or its successors, or by the Association. Such remedy shall be deemed cumulative and not exclusive.

Section 3. Right of Lien Holder
A breach of any of the provisions, covenants, conditions, restrictions, easements or reservations herein contained, shall no affect or impair the lien or charge of any bona fide first mortgage or first deed of trust made in good faith and for value on any of the units, provided that any subsequent owner of the unit shall be bound by these provisions, covenants, conditions, restrictions, easements and reservations, whether such owner's title was acquired by foreclosure or trustee's sale.

Section 4. Enforcement
in the event of a breach of any of the provisions, covenants, conditions, restrictions, easements or reservations hereby established which is continued for thirty (30) days, the Board may enforce any and all of the terms and conditions of this Declaration. It is hereby declared that damages at law for such breach, are adequate. The restrictions provided for herein shall be enforceable equitable servitudes and shall inure to and bind all owners of the residential units.




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