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Common Area Rules

All real property owned by La Veta Monterey Homeowners Association (LVMHOA) is for the common use and enjoyment of its members. This covers any area outside your individual unit and includes, but is not limited to, any landscaping, building exterior, visitor parking areas, recreational area, and driveways. All interior areas are to be maintained by the homeowner commensurate with the CC&R's, Bylaws, and in accordance with the Rules & Regulations.

A. NOISE: A 10:00 PM to 9:00 AM quiet time shall be observed by all residents and their guests. Residents shall not commit or permit any nuisance or other act or thing which may disturb the quiet enjoyment or sleep of any other resident or person in or about the adjoining units. This shall include but not limited to loud or late music, argument, or any undue disturbance. It is recommended that the Orange Police Department (714-744-7444) be contacted at the time of the disturbance.

B. Residents and their guests will not cause damage to any part of the community property, buildings, or recreational facilities. The cost of repairing any damage caused to the areas will be charged to the homeowner.

C. NO RIDING OF BICYCLES, MOTORCYCLES, MOPEDS, MOTORIZED SCOOTERS, SKATEBOARDS, SKATES, ETC. is allowed within the complex. Bicyclists are expected to get off their bicycles and walk them to their storage place. Motorcycles, mopeds, and bicycles are not to be driven on sidewalks or greenbelts, or parked under stairs. An automatic fine of $100 will be assessed to anyone confirmed to have violated this rule.

D. NO TRICYCLES, BIG WHEELS OR OTHER SUCH TOYS, are allowed to be ridden until after 9:00 am and must be kept off the landscaped areas. Please instruct your children and guests to be courteous to pedestrians and give them the right of way at all times. Parent and/or homeowners will be liable for any damage to sprinkler heads, shrubbery, etc.

E. Baseball, football, golfing practice and other similar games are not permitted in the common area or driveways! The playing of a simple game of catch or other informal games are allowed. Homeowners, residents and/or guests are responsible for damage caused during such games.

F. Garage doors, fences, buildings and walls are not to be used for playing handball, baseball, tennis, etc.

G. Entryways, walkways, fences, exterior windowsills and all other common areas shall be kept clear of all objects such as plants, bicycles, furniture, etc. Toys left in entryways or common area overnight shall be deemed abandoned and stored by the Board. If not claimed within one (1) week toys will be donated to charity.

H. Only PATIO FURNITURE AND PLANTS are allowed on patios and balconies. Bicycles may be stored on balconies and patios, but should be kept covered. Board approved latticework may be installed across front rail of balcony. Approved latticework must extend the full length and height of the balcony railing and be painted the appropriate trim color. Wire, bamboo, etc. is not allowed across balconies. Attaching bamboo, canvas or other blinds across the top of patio balconies is prohibited. Downstairs front or back patios should not become “eyesores” to neighbors above. Any damage as a result of excessive plants or planters to the common areas will be repaired at homeowner expense. Plants may be hung from the underside of wood fascia only.

I. No signs, decals, or messages of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any unit or common area without the prior written consent of the Board, except that no consent shall be required for posting of a permanent “Neighborhood Watch” sign or for one (1) sign indicating the unit is either “for sale”, “for lease”, or “for rent”. Such signs shall be of the customary size and color and must be flat against an inside window (1 bedroom units: front bedroom window; 2 bedroom units: kitchen window; and 3 bedroom units: living room window or bedroom window). Temporary “open house” signs are allowed and must be removed when the open house is over. Any visible seasonal decorations must be removed within two (2) weeks following the holiday. Nothing is to be nailed, screwed, stapled, or otherwise attached to the wood fascia.

J. Outside satellite dishes or radio antennas require Board approval prior to installation and placement. The Association maintains television antennas for the common use of all residents, and personal television antennas are not allowed.

K. No storage sheds of any kind are allowed in the common area.

L. Electrical outlets in garage areas may be used for garage door openers and light (non-commercial) tool use only. Extra consumption of electricity (i.e., refrigerators and freezers, etc.) will be assessed to owner according to standard SCE consumption estimates. Periodic garage inspections shall be scheduled with homeowner, Board, and Management Company.

M. Walking, climbing upon, or sitting on carport roof, unit roofs, clubhouse or pool-house roof, block walls, outside fences, dumpsters, or common area trees is not allowed. Playing in driveways is not allowed.

N. Towels, blankets, clothing, linen, rugs and all other items are not allowed to hang on patio walls, balconies, fences, stairs, or anywhere visible to or in the common areas.

O. Furniture, mattresses, box springs, boxes, doors, etc., are not to be placed in or around the dumpsters. Do not dispose of these or similar items by throwing them over the fences into neighboring property. Contact the Management Company or, Waste Management or another disposal service to arrange proper removal and disposal.

P. Tampering with keys or mail in the US Postal Boxes is a federal offense and may be prosecuted by the US Postal Service.

Q. Damage as a result of waterbeds or modified plumbing is the responsibility of the owner.

R. Access to water heaters in back patios must be maintained.

S. The City of Orange maintains a 10:00 PM curfew for anyone under 18 years of age and the Orange Police Department may arrest violators.

T. Loitering is not permitted around units, garages, carports, vehicles, mailboxes, trash dumpsters, pool areas, or playground.

U. Private garage sales are not allowed. A community garage sale may, at the Boards’ discretion, be scheduled as needed.

V. No hazardous fire conditions are allowed to exist in any garage, carport, storage locker, unit, balcony, patio, or backyard.

W. Garden hoses are not to be left in the common area. This includes on the grass, flower beds, walkways, walls, driveways, or under stairs.

X. No unit shall be used for the sale, exchange or use of illegal drugs or any other illegal activity. Suspected activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Y. Homeowners and residents are responsible for the behavior and conduct of their children, their guest’s, guest’s children, and their children’s guests.

Z. Sidewalk chalk art must be removed from all surfaces the same day it is created.

AA. Residents must inform Management Company and adjacent homeowners/residents prior to turning off water to building or individual units. Damage caused by disrupting water service will be billed to the homeowner and/or individual.

BB. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO INSTALL OR COVER ANY WINDOWS WITH: aluminum foil, paper, sheets, blankets, reflective tint or other similar materials. Gray UV or clear window tint is acceptable. Broken windows must be repaired.

CC. Window screens and sliding door screens must be maintained by the homeowner. Bent, damaged or missing screens must be repaired or replaced. Entry door screens may be black or bronze aluminum. Board approved wooden or Security screen doors may be installed. Please request specifications from the Management Company.

DD. No flags of any kind may be permanently attached to any building, fence, etc.

EE. Bicycles may be placed on the upstairs balcony provided that Board approved lattice has been installed and an appropriate bicycle cover are used.

FF. Because of the potential for injury (burns, etc.) and liability, barbecues and other types of cooking equipment are absolutely prohibited in all common areas. An automatic fine of $100 will be assessed to anyone confirmed to have violated this rule.

GG. Because common areas are for the enjoyment of everyone, the use of portable tents, shade covers, awnings or other such equipment is prohibited. An automatic fine of $100 will be assessed to anyone confirmed to have violated this rule




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