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Trash Rules

Regularly scheduled trash collections days are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. There are multiple dumpster (primary trash receptacles) sites located around the perimeter of the complex.

A. Residents and guests are requested to use the trash site(s) nearest their unit. Dumpsters are not to be filled above the top of the dumpster. If the dumpster is full please use an alternate bin. DO NOT OVERLOAD DUMPSTERS. WASTE MANAGEMENT CHARGES THE ASSOCIATION FOR OVERLOADED DUMPSTERS. In addition to any fees charged by Waste Management or any other company contracted by the Association for large item removal, a $100 fine will be assessed for each overloaded dumpster.

B. There is to be no littering in the common area. If you drop something - Please pick it up.

C. Waste Management will not pick up large items such as furniture, mattresses, cabinets, tables, appliances, etc. as a part of our weekly scheduled trash collection. You must call the Management Company (714.891.1522 x214) to make arrangements for a possible special pick-up from Waste Management. NOTE: Waste Management WILL NOT REMOVE certain items. Any Waste Management fees will be assessed to the unit owner's account. If you have made other arrangements for a large pick-up, you must notify the Management Company so you are not fined.

D. Trash cans, etc., are not to be stored in the common area. Any abandoned trash container (out for more than 12 hours) may be considered trash and disposed.

E. It is a criminal offense to rummage through the trash dumpsters. Report all persons rummaging through dumpsters to OPD. In addition to citation from OPD, residents and guests observed rummaging are subject to a fine assessment.

F. Common area, laundry room and pool area trash cans are not considered primary trash receptacles. They are for disposing items used in conjunction with those specific activities.

Laundry Room Usage

There are three laundry room facilities located in the complex. Because all residents share the laundry facilities, please remember the following. (Hours 6 AM - Midnight, daily)

A. The Association is not responsible for lost or stolen articles left in the laundry room.

B. If you spill excess detergent please clean it up. Trash cans are provided for your convenience.

C. Items left in the laundry room for more than 48 hours will be removed and discarded.

D. Keep laundry room door closed at all times.

E. If a problem arises with a machine, please contact COINMACH directly at 800.954.4000

F. Laundry Rooms are locked nightly. If you require access, please contact a security officer on duty.

Trash Rules

A. No plants, pots, or window boxes are to be placed on top of patio fences, stairs (including underneath), between adjacent doors, balcony railings or windowsills.

B. All common area flower beds and planters belong to the Association. Board approval must be given prior to planting any variety of plants in the common area.

C. All plants, flowers or shrubs planted in common areas by homeowners or residents must be maintained by the homeowner or resident. Failure to properly maintain plants may result in their removal.

D. No planting of vegetables, fruits or fruit trees is allowed in any common area.




For URGENT/EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE (Flooding, sewage, roof collapse, etc.)
Contact: Huntington West Properties @ 714-891-1522
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After hours, press the number "4" to be connected to an operator.

DIAL 911 if you have a life threatening situation, need fire, medical or police assistance.

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