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Satellite Dish Installation Specifications

The following guidelines have been established in accordance with the California Civil Code and the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

A. The satellite dish may not exceed 36" in diameter.

B. An owner may install a satellite dish on any portion of their home that is not part of the Common Area. These areas include their patio if applicable, patio cover, or a freestanding pole inside their patio area. The dish may not be installed on the building fascia, roof, building exterior, garage roof, garage exterior, etc. If an owner determines their dish can not receive a signal from any portion or area of their home other than the Common Area, they must first obtain Association approval as to the location and the method of installation.

C. All cable wire from the satellite dish must be installed so that it is not attached to the building exterior and is not visible from the Common Area.

D. The Association may require an owner to install some method of camouflage to hide the sight of the satellite dish if it is visible from the common area. The camouflage will be paid for and maintained by the unit owner.

E. Any damage to the Common Area related to the satellite dish or to the installation of the dish will be the responsibility of the unit owner.

F. Upon removal of the satellite dish any damage caused by the installation or existence of the dish must be repaired at the unit owner's expense.

G. Only one satellite dish will be approved by the Association for installation onto Common Area property. Any additional satellite dishes must be installed on the unit's exclusive Common Area (i.e., a patio cover) or if applicable onto a freestanding pole located within the patio yard or balcony.

Additional Absentee Owner Responsibilities

A. Absentee homeowners who have a tenant living within his/her unit must furnish his/her tenant with a set of the Association's Rules & Regulations. Additionally, absentee homeowners are responsible for updating tenants regarding Rules & Regulation changes, parking changes, etc. There is a charge of $10.00 for additional sets of this handbook.

B. Absentee homeowners must complete and return the "Owner/Tenant Registration" form within fifteen (15) business days of occupancy to the Management Company.

C. Absentee homeowners must provide access to their unit in the event of repair, inspection, emergency, etc.

D. For purposes of occupancy ("Sale" , "Lease", or " Rental"), all units are defined according to the LVMHOA CC&R's as: SINGLE FAMILY DWELLINGS.



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